architecture - site planning - community & urban design

In 1980, am+a was created from the vision that buildings and communities must be designed to enliven the human spirit.

To design buildings and communities that facilitate the human experience of unity.

Innovative and integrated design solutions arise from the synthesis of education, personal and professional mastery, creativity, intuition, daring to challenge conventional thinking, collaboration, and honoring all constituent interests.

am+a seeks the truth and beauty found in simplicity by skillfully combining archetypal geometries and proportional systems with a full spectrum color pallette to achieve sustainable and natural elegance.

Forty years in the architectural profession has taught us that high performance, sustainability, and excellence in design and service are achieved by listening deeply to our clients.

People who seek cost-effective, sustainable design through innovative and collaborative approaches are drawn to am+a.

As the consciousness of interconnectedness emerges from the ashes of the age of separation, we will require new social and physical structures to support the experience of our inherent union.